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Why should one visit a Cosmetic Gynecologist ? 

Few years back, talking about the pleasure of women was not a good topic, but the scenario has changed over a decade. Moving in the era of true gender equality, breaking the old shackles, today’s woman is ready to express herself and discover a new version of herself. A lady may choose to visit a cosmetic gynecologist to discuss how to enhance the quality of her sex life. These surgeries are designed to tighten the vaginal muscles, enhance the orgasm and as a result improving sexual performance.

As these surgeries are very personal and private, we have established a sympathetic and understanding atmosphere where you may feel safe, sharing your most sensitive worries. Your vaginal & reproductive health is gateway to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being and your ability to have a healthy sexual life. You have earned the right to look and feel your utmost best in every manner. 

Visiting a Cosmetic Gynecologist for the First Time

To make one feel better about their physical appearance, plastic surgery has been popular for a long period of time. Cosmetic gynecology has also gained popularity in recent years, primarily so as to assist women in reversing the effects of childbearing and aging.

Cosmetic Gynecologist in Jaipur treats women with congenital defects, like absent vagina, imperforate hymen, transverse vaginal septum and acquired defects like urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, post radiotherapy sagging vaginal walls, urgent medical requirements such as burn victims and those who have endured genital mutilation. Though many women seek these services only for their aesthetic reasons.

If you are planning grooming of your private parts, but unsure whether you should or should not proceed, the following are some good reasons to consider contacting a cosmetic gynecologist. 

There are four good reasons to see a cosmetic gynecologist:

 1. Vaginoplasty (vaginal reshaping)

This is a typical cosmetic gynecological surgery that is performed to narrow the diameter of the vaginal opening and tighten the vaginal musculature which is torn or loosen due to childbirth or aging. The vagina naturally extends during sex and delivery, the vagina gradually loses some of its elasticity over time, particularly after several deliveries. Some women report that the permanent stretching of the vagina makes it difficult to enjoy sex in the same manner as they did before.

It is possible to have vaginoplasty performed by a Cosmetic  Gynecologist in Jaipur, who will restore the natural and young feel of vagina so as to share positive intimacy with your partner. 

2. Labiaplasty is a procedure in which a flap of skin is removed from the outer or inner lip of labia.

This surgery is designed to target the inner and outer labia lips to help decrease extra skin that may be causing pain or making intimate relationships harder. Cosmetic gynecologist in Jaipur often use innovative techniques to remove excess skin, allowing their patients to feel more comfortable and confident. 

3. Hymenoplasty (Revirginization)

This is an entirely aesthetic treatment, yet it is also one of the most contentious cosmetic gynecological procedures due to religious beliefs regarding virginity in certain cultures, making it particularly problematic. Hymen is a thin natural membrane which guards the opening of vagina and allows only menstrual blood to pass through. During intercourse and activities such as horseback riding or using a tampon, this membrane of hymen gets torn.

The cosmetic gynecologist reshapes the hymen to make it seem as if it had initially been. And thus your virginity is restored and you may achieve vaginal bleeding during the first intercouse. 

4. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

For ladies concerned about going under the knife, this non-surgical & non invasive technique may be a good option. It is an in-office process that takes multiple sessions to complete, depending upon the defect. Femilift is a CO2 laser which is used to deliver the laser beam to the vaginal area that is being treated. The procedure will take around half an hour. The laser beam helps to tighten the region where it is administered, by regenerating new collagen tissue, in the anterior and posterior vaginal walls, as well as the surrounding tissues. After a single sitting, you may see the results in terms of improved bladder and bowel continence and enhanced sexual pleasure. 


Cosmetic gynecology is Vaginal Plastic surgery and has become popular over a short span of time, as it is safe and effective in achieving the desired results. If you believe you need any of the treatment described above, you should call a Cosmetic gynecologist in Jaipur and make an appointment to get further information.

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