Vulval Area Lightening

Why Intimate area darker than the rest of the body?

It is natural that the intimate area is darker than the rest of the body due to extra melanin pigment over the vulva and groin area and similar is with armpits.This remains covered with pubic hair or axillary hair but once hair is removed, the dark natural color becomes obvious. This is a normal change with aging, after puberty male and female start secreting male and female hormones called Testosterone and Estrogen respectively. The change in color of private parts is attributed to these hormones of estrogen and testosterone which cause melanin deposition more over here and that is absolutely normal pubertal change. However with aging, this darkening increases.

While usage of deodorants, bad quality hair removal creams, skin lightening creams or gels may too cause damage to vulval area and discoloration.

Vulval Area Lightening

This is also called ‘Intimate Area Whitening’ and in common-man language as ‘vaginal bleaching’. This is meant to lighten the skin color around the bikini area. It doesn’t involve bleaching of the internal vaginal canal as the common name suggests, ‘Vaginal bleaching’.It is a controversial topic as vulva color may be of any shade from pink to brown owing to melanin pigmentation. Vulval lightning can be done with a bleaching agent, chemical peeling or fractionated laser, but is medically unnecessary. Ethically, it is controversial as talking about such procedures creates pressure about color on dark skinned people.

Vulval and labial colors are unique to every person and are totally natural and healthy. Moreover, there are chances of blistering, irritation and redness on delicate intimate areas with bleaching chemicals. So, we suggest that you go for vaginal bleaching only if you feel strongly about it.

Indications for Vulval Area Lightening are purely Cosmetic and until sudden change in color paired with discomfort is not there, there is nothing indicated medically.

Still, we provide vulval lightening vey safely through chemical peeling or fractionated laser, if the patient is very determined about it.

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