Vaginal Tightening​​

“Vagina is a miraculous organ which has extensile property unlike any other organ and can stretch out a way & deliver a ten pound baby and then snap back into shape”
Surgical inner vaginal rejuvenation focuses on the reconstruction of the inner vaginal opening. Vaginal Tightening is the most popular surgery opted in this category among patients seeking cosmetic gynecology services.

Pelvic Floor Repair / Vaginal Tightening (Posterior Colporrhaphy):

Vaginal Tightening surgery is a technique used to tighten the vaginal canal after it becomes lax or loose after childbirth or from normal aging. Pelvic floor is a group of pelvic muscles & tissues that supports the womb, rectum and bladder. Repeated childbirth and prolonged labor/ delivery by untrained dais and aging may weaken the pelvic floor and may cause a prolapsed( protruding) womb, rectum or bladder in the vaginal canal.

Symptoms of Weak Pelvic Floor

One may feel sensation of something coming out per vaginum and difficulty in urination & passing stools, stress urinary incontinence and difficulty in the intercouse for both partners. They may have loose hanging skin and muscles of vagina with a wide vaginal opening which is devoid of any strength or support.

What is the surgical technique of Pelvic Floor Repair or Vaginal Tightening?

Pelvic floor repair is reconstructive surgery in which we surgically reduce protruding bladder and rectum, remove excess vaginal mucosa, skin and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles by stitching them closer together. It is done to restore the bladder and rectum support as well. Our Cosmetic gynecologist will assess your pelvic floor defect and this procedure has to be then personalized as some may require just vaginal tightening by removing excess vaginal mucosa and skin and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles while some may even require fixing of bladder and rectum protrusion too.

Benefits of Vaginal Tightening

A strong pelvic floor can :
➡️ Reduce incontinence issues,
➡️  Help you have stronger orgasms,
➡️  Make for easier vaginal delivery if you plan on having kids

So, if you are looking for a designer vagina with good grip- you are not alone as it is the most prevalent vaginal plastic surgery nowadays.

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