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The Usefulness of Vaginal Rejuvenation

While that question can only be answered by each individual woman here is some great information to help.

What, Exactly, Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

It’s actually a combination of two surgeries, a labiaplasty and vaginoplasty, which can be performed during a single surgical visit. A labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery to alter the size of a woman’s labia (the lips on the outside of the vagina), usually the goal is to minimize their size and make them more symmetrical (most women are not born with symmetrical labia). A vaginoplasty is a surgery which tightens the vagina by removing excess from the vaginal lining which will tighten the tissues and muscles in surrounding areas.

Why Do Women Have This Procedure?

There are many reasons why women choose vaginal rejuvenation. Some women feel their labia are excessively large or unattractive, which can have a very negative affect on their self esteem and sexual confidence. The appearance of their labia causes them embarrassment with a sexual partner which could start to cause problems in a relationship, or problems feeling comfortable in any sexual situations. Even though it’s perfectly normal to have asymmetrical labia, many women in movies and films have perfect looking labia and it’s completely normal that another woman would see them and want to look like that too. Other women have medical issues associated with their labia. The most common is chronic irritation that can be made worse during sex, sports or other physical activities. Often changing the size or shape of the labia is enough to offer these women relief. Other women have the surgery to tighten their vagina, which will increase the friction created during sexual intercourse. After giving birth the soft tissue and muscles which make up the vagina should return to their “normal” size, but it is very common for women and their partners to notice a permanent difference. The more vaginal deliveries a woman has had the worse the condition can become. Also, many women have reported feeling loose even though they haven’t had a vaginal birth, and a medical exam did show a larger than expected vaginal diameter, this surgery can help them as well.

Are People Happy With the Results?

This is a very good question, unlike other cosmetic procedures (such as liposuction or a nose job) this is noticed by far fewer people. So few that some women even question if it’s worth it. However, for the women that become in unhappy with their sex life because they are embarrassed about their appearance the benefits to confidence and self-esteem are undeniable.

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