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We at PCOS Clinic provide specialized services that are as individual as the patients we welcome. We offer systematic treatment and holistic management for PCOS at our Clinic. This starts from consultation with Gyne-endocrinologist to study the entire case and set its further approach. Then outline of approach of each case is sketched which is individualized according to the needs and symptoms of every patient which may vary from irregular menses, difficulty in conception, recurrent miscarriage, hormonal imbalance, hirsuitism, obesity, diabetes mellitus due to insulin resistance, cardio-vascular symptoms in post- menopausal patient to stress and depression.

This is followed by consultation with team of Dietitian, Physiotherapist & Psychologist to design the approach for ‘Life Style Modification’ of each patient; as PCOS is hugely linked to the environmental factors. They prepare diet charts and exercise routine in form of yoga, meditation and aerobics to modify the entire life style of patient and bring weight loss. To deal with stress and other psychiatric issues which are so common as PCOS alters one’s body image, consultation with Psychologist and counseling is too available under the same roof.

Then as per cosmetic symptoms of patient, she is referred to our Cosmetic Unit “SHAPES” where our Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon provide wide range of procedures spanning from laser for hair reduction, laser for black pigmentation, minimally invasive procedures, topical treatments, liposuction & tummy-tuck for excess fat and novel approaches such as protein rich plasma for alopecia to face and full body enhancement techniques.

Our Gynecology unit provides services of Sonography, Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to deal with patients of Infertility and provide the wholesome treatment at one stop Clinic only.

We have pride in sharing your joy after your bundle of joy arrives at our maternity services “PAALNA.”

We are committed to provide the top level of care and service.

We warmly welcome you to explore the possibilities to enhance yourself today.

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