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Prevalent Misconceptions About Hymenoplasty That Need To Be Broken Down Right Now

Hymenoplasty is the term for a surgical procedure involving the restoration of virginity. It is often assumed that this procedure will account for the termination of pre-marital sex. This could not be farther from the truth as pre-marital sex as a concept isn’t nearly as outdated as some belief.

In fact, some Christians believe that ‘the only way to avoid sinning’ is through marriage which makes this misconception seem even more absurd. For those who find themselves in desperate need of divorcing their past marriages, there are plenty of other options available besides Hymenoplasty.

But here, we will talk about the misconceptions about Hymenoplasty that everyone must know.

1.      Hymenoplasty certifies virginity:

First of all, it is unreasonable to think that any surgical process can help a person regain back their virginity. Virginity signifies a person’s non-involvement in any physical relation. Hymen, in no way, signifies the loss of virginity as the mucous layer may break down due to extreme physical activities like sports or even dancing.

So intercourse is not always the reason why a female’s hymen ruptures. Another astonishing fact is that some girls are born without having this layer in the opening section of their genitals. Thus, there is no such relation between Hymenoplasty and a female’s virginity.

2.      You Have To Pay Loads For The Surgery

Since it is a surgical process, it is natural it will cost a few bucks. However, considering it unaffordable will be wrong. If you go for hymenoplasty surgery in Jaipur, you will see that the prices of these services are pretty affordable.

Though it will not be wrong to say that the prices increase every year, thanks to inflation. Another factor that will help you determine the price is where you get it done. But with so many surgeons offering you the same services, you will be able to get it done at a pretty affordable price.

3.      The Surgery Is Extremely Painful And Posses A Threat To The Health

Here is another myth that many people believe and pass on to those who want to get it done. However, when it comes to reality, the process is pretty pain-free. As the whole process is carried out by laser, the process becomes even safer. Thus, the process is both painless and threat free. The possibility of any issue occurring is zero even after the surgery is done.

4.      Hymenoplasty May Issues In The Virginal Functioning Especially During Menstruation

People used to think that the hymen replaced through this surgery covers the whole vagina. So this may cause issues during the menstrual cycle as the blood comes out from the same opening. However, nothing like this happens at all.

The replaced layer of hymen never covers the whole vagina. Instead, the thin lining surrounds the genital, not cover it. So the blood can easily come out naturally and without causing any additional issues. 

5.      You Cannot Use Tampons After Hymenoplasty

Another false claim associated with the virginity of a girl. The insertion of tampons has been considered a severe threat to the hymen for the longest time. However, this is not true. But some people believe that since the hymen has just been brought back, one cannot use tampons as it may rupture the layer again.

However, this surgery focuses on bringing back the original hymen. So if you had used a tampon before, you would be fine using it even now. Remember that you shall not be inserting anything into the vagina during the recovery period of this process.

6.      It Takes Long Time To Recover Once After The Surgery

This myth is associated with almost all the surgeries one can have. Even for the liposuction surgery in Jaipur, peopleperceive that the healing process is much longer. However, it is not the case for Hymenoplasty.

The recovery or healing period is precisely what you would expect from a procedure that involves stitches. The stitches take no more than 20 days to dissolve faster than the surgery. Thus, you can expect to have your vagina back to normal within a month.

Hopefully, the facts mentioned here helped you break down some of the most prevalent myths regarding Hymenoplasty.

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