Physiotherapist & Lifestyle Expert - Dr. Kanika Jain

The important member of our Life style Modification team is Physiotherapist & Lifestyle expert, Dr. Kanika Jain.
She has obtained a degree in Masters in Physiotherapy. She is certified Physiotherapist for Yoga and Accupressure. She has eleven years of clinical and academic experience.

She is expert in dealing with patients of PCOS in guiding and forming an exercise regime which is individualized based on their current lifestyle. This customized exercise regime includes aerobics, zumba, power yoga and meditation. Several Yoga-asanas which enhance fertility, relieve dysmenorrhea and are helpful in PCOS patients are well explained by her together with demonstration. Cardio and strength training exercises are her speciality. She helps each patient of PCOS by studying their current lifestyle and creating personal diet charts. She is expert in teaching yoga in accordance to the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy as per patient need.

She provides training individually as well as in groups. Weekly/Fortnightly support and reinforcement classes are organized so as to check the motivation level of patients. She repeatedly checks for the goals allotted of weight loss and provides counseling if any mental barriers are observed in the form of anxiety or depression. She is full of positivity and has a unique quality of curtailing the burden of achieving a big goal by distributing it into short term goals and tracking them on a weekly basis. She forms a comprehensive approach for obese patients so they can lose at least 5-10% of their current body weight to improve menstrual irregularities and enhance fertility outcome.
She organizes lifestyle management seminars regularly so as to keep our patients updated and keep their motivation level high.