Our High Risk Pregnancy Management unit, “PAALNA”  is a specialized unit where we deal with complications and adverse pregnancy outcomes associated with PCOS. We follow integrated and Individualized approach, designed by Dr.Shraddha Goel, for each high risk patient. Comprehensive & Scientific plan is formulated to manage every  pregnant patient with PCOS. We implement our scientifically designed tools even before conception so as to deliver your healthy bundle of Joy.

Challenges with Pregnancy in PCOS

PCOS is an endocrinological disorder that is characterized by reduction in all reproductive performances spanning from infertility, increased risk of abortion to complicated pregnancy. Patients with PCOS has threefold to fourfold increased risk for Hypertension in Pregnancy and birth of growth restricted babies (FGR), Gestational diabetes and associated large for gestational age babies (LGA), two fold increased risk of Pre-term delivery, Premature rupture of membranes, and hence  increased chances of admission to NICU. Further, there is an increased chance of elective or unplanned caesarean section. Multiple Pregnancy is not uncommon due to multiple ovulation inductions & assisted reproductive techniques performed in patients of PCOS.

There is very high incidence of miscarriages to about 30-50% in patients of PCOS who conceive.

The Management

Tender loving Care is the basis of all support provided to patients of Recurrent Pregnancy loss. Drug therapy and Insulin sensitisers are prescribed.

After discussion with Endocrinologist and Dietitian; Nutrition Therapy, Insulin as Hypoglycaemic Agent ( if required ) and Lifestyle modification  are prescribed  in Gestational Diabetes.

Gestational hypertension/ Pregnancy Induced Hypertension is a potential complication in pregnant patients; who had PCOS. Continuous fetal Monitoring, Investigations, Maternal BP & Urine albumin monitoring & Drug therapy are introduced at very initial level of pregnancy to prevent the adverse outcomes.

Women with PCOS who desire a pregnancy are at an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, and this may be exacerbated by obesity and insulin resistance.

Vigilant Screening, Optimization of health before conception and Institution of appropriate management by experts in the field bring successful outcomes for both the mother and fetus.

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