Stretch Marks Removal, Tummy Tuck Surgery & Liposuction in Jaipur

Patients of PCOS due to excess androgen (male hormones) levels often develop truncal obesity, excess facial & body hair, acne, baldness and excess accumulation of fat & pigmentation around tummy, waist, hips, nape of neck and chin.

Adolescent and middle-aged females develop body shaming due to such coarse features and lose their self-confidence and start developing even depression.

Post childbirth, women develop loose and sagging tummy, excess fat deposition in thighs, tummy, buttocks and stretch marks over thighs and tummy, these coarse features can bring body shaming and one may lose her self esteem. It is said that post delivery accumulated fat is quite stubborn and difficult to get rid off. Despite even sufficient exercise and diet modification, if you are not getting desired results then the best service of Mummy Makeover in Jaipur is for you !!

We at PCOSmetic Clinic offer the highest quality of personalized cosmetic care by well-renowned Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sourabh Rawat. M.S, M.Ch & Dr.Shraddha Goel, Cosmetic Gynecologist M.S DNB FICOG

We are distinguished by commitment to patient confidentiality and safety and promising results that encompass the entire body.

To do the make-over of every woman we provide all sort of cosmetic procedures in “MUMMY-MAKE-OVER PACKAGE” which can be customized as per your requirements:


In terms of looking towards improving your body figure, ‘Liposuction technique’ is very famous which aims towards reducing unwanted fat from the various body parts. The liposuction surgery in Jaipur is generally opted by people if they have stubborn fat in certain body areas such as thighs, abdomen, arms, neck etc. The specialists often suggest that liposuction surgery should not be considered as a weight loss solution but should be opted as a cosmetic solution to reduce undesired fat from specific body parts to give them a better shape improving total body image.
Liposuction is considered as the best tool of fat loss surgery to help you get your dream figure. The fat loss procedure involves a cosmetic surgery to eliminate unwanted fat from specific body parts through a suction technique via minute incision helping you to get rid of those extra inches.

Benefits Of Liposuction Surgery

The various benefits of Fat loss surgery are as follows:

  •  Improves the body shape and image :
    Improves the body shape and image : The liposuction surgery in Jaipur helps you to get a better body shape and image to boost utmost confidence of yours without bothering much about increasing fat.
  •  Immediate effect and simple : It is usually performed under general anesthesia and doesn’t take much time for the surgery. You can see the effects and outcomes immediately after your surgery.
  •  Eliminates postural pains due to irregularities in body contour : It sometimes additionally helps you by decreasing pain that occurs due to irregular body contour and fats.

After getting your desired figure you can easily maintain it with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

The cost of the liposuction surgery in Jaipur usually starts from 40,000 INR depending upon the number of body parts addressed and method used.

Risks And General Side Effects of Liposuction Surgery

The fat loss procedure may have some complications and may include risks as with any other kind of surgery. These complications can be minimized through proper assessment before the surgery and with immaculate surgical techniques which we follow religiously. It is generally advised to opt for this procedure if you are in a good health condition. The various risks and side effects of liposuction surgery may include infection, clotting, death of skin cells, swelling, anesthesia issues and medical reactiveness.

Recovery from Liposuction

The liposuction surgery in Jaipur is generally not very complicated and a patient can recover well in time. It may show some signs of soreness or swelling in different areas for some days but the medications may help in balancing it in varied conditions. It is always recommended to follow proper medication and diet as advised by the expert to recover well from this fat loss surgery. The effectiveness and assessment can be easily examined through information provided related to the liposuction. Apart from Tummy reshape procedure, this can also prove useful for males as they are now also opting for this kind of surgery for male breast reduction (Gynecomastia).

In order to avail services related to cosmetic surgery and liposuction; book your appointment with us.

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Tummy tuck surgery in Jaipur, also known as ‘Abdominoplasty’ aims towards reducing unwanted fat and extra skin from your tummy. This is universally considered as a better option for you if you are looking for a permanent solution to make your abdomen look thin and slim with the extra advantage of getting rid of that unwanted fat & wrinkles which eventually affects your body presentation. But you should never see it as a weight loss therapy. Weight loss is usually done through various methods but this involves a kind of surgery to remove fat from the abdomen. This makes a real difference here between a surgery and a therapy.

Are you really worried about the effects it may have on your body ?

There is no need to worry as the tummy tuck surgery in Jaipur is mostly carried out keeping International standards in mind. As long as you are in good health and away from smoking, this might not be that complicated in your case.

Benefits Of Tummy Tuck Surgery

The various benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery are as follows :

  • Remove Loose skin and Tighten up the skin : The tummy tuck helps to remove loose skin and gives a flatter abdomen and narrower waistline.
  • Remove Stretch marks: Stretch marks are mainly caused by Pregnancy and excessive weight. Mummy makeover efficiently removes loose skin, this can also remove the stretch marks if they are located on the areas of excess skin that will be excised.
  • Restore Muscles: It additionally restores weakened or separated muscles that create a smoother abdominal profile.

    Women who went through several pregnancies may find this tummy tuck surgery in Jaipur helpful to reduce the loose skin and tighten up the abdominal muscles. This is also an option for men and women who are obsessed with a flat tummy.

Risk And General Side Effects of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Abdominoplasty also has some risk and side effects like other surgeries. The various side effects include fluid accumulation beneath the skin, changes in skin sensation, poor wound healing, tissue necrosis, scarring. It is advised to stop smoking, follow diet & medication, maintain a stable weight before going for the surgery to avoid any kind of risk.

Recovery from Tummy Tuck

It takes around 3-6 weeks to completely recover from the tummy tuck. It may show you some signs of swelling in the abdomen. Follow the instructions properly given by the doctor. Though it will be hard for you to stand straight at first. Doing exercise is recommended after this tummy tuck even if you have not done the exercise before.

The cost of the tummy tuck surgery in Jaipur starts from 40k Rupees and depends upon the variety of other factors which differ for everyone.The tummy tuck surgery is the procedure that requires weeks to recover. The result is permanent if you maintain a healthy weight and follow the medical instructions.


Pregnancy can throw many after effects at the moms-to-be, and post-pregnancy stretch marks are just one of them. Stretch marks are nothing but fine glossy, white streaks formed in the areas prone to fat accumulation like the tummy, buttocks, breast, hips, abdomen, arms and thighs. Even though they are called proud scars of a Mother holding life once in her tummy , they can make you feel conscious and uncomfortable in your best clad saree or western dresses.

How Stretch marks are formed?

Sudden and Rapid weight gain due to hormone disturbance, diabetes, PCOS or in pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby inside the tummy causes the elastic fibers to break down in the lower layer of skin called dermis. This causes the appearance of fine white glossy streaks on the abdomen, thigh, breast, buttocks and arms. Pregnancy stretch marks are called striae in medical terminology.

  • Treatment for Stretch Marks Removal In Jaipur
    Invasive – Tummy Tuck/
  • Mini Tummy Tuck/Thigh Lift
    Non invasive – Fractionated CO2 Laser

Invasive Treatment- Surgical Removal
Surgical Removal of skin that has stretch marks is the surest & permanent way to get rid of it. It is a common plastic surgery procedure performed with tummy tuck or thigh lift. During removal of excess skin with fat deposits in order to give your abdomen a slim and flat look, the skin with stretch marks is also removed. Similarly done during thigh lift.

Mini Tummy Tuck is another plastic surgery procedure done in order to remove skin with stretch marks in the lower abdomen without incising around the belly button or tightening the muscles above the belly button.

Non Invasive Treatment- Laser for Stretch Marks Removal In Jaipur

It is a laser resurfacing procedure which works by removing the outermost layer of the skin and restructuring the overlying skin. In this process, a laser beam is used to encourage new cells to grow.
‍Fractionated CO2 laser : In this process, the entire upper layer of the skin is targeted and destroyed, and the newly growing skin tissues are smoother in appearance and texture.
‍Remember that laser treatment cannot help you get rid of stretch marks entirely, but it makes the striae smoother, which reduces their appearance.

Information about Vaginal Rejuvenation, Laser Hair reduction, Laser for acne scars and pigmentation, breast cosmesis can be accessed on their respective pages which can be added in Mummy Makeover as per your requirement

Are you looking for Mummy Makeover?

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Dr.Sourabh Rawat is the best tummy tuck doctor in Rajasthan who can help you in providing the best consultancy for Mummy Makeover at PCOSmetic Gyne Clinic.


Pregnancy is the proud and lifetime experience for a woman and so is breastfeeding.  But pregnancy and breast-feeding can certainly take a toll on a woman’s physical appearance.

The most common changes that occur from pregnancies are to the breast, vagina and abdomen. Breast changes include stretch marks, skin laxity, nipple enlargement, and volume depletion or enlargement.

In abdomen, loose skin, stretch marks, accumulation of stubborn fat, love handles and belly pouch are all common changes. In addition, the muscles of the abdominal wall can become stretched out or weakened, called recti divarication. Vagina may lose its elasticity and become lax and lose the grip, so it become difficult to have satisfactory intercourse for both partners.

The optimum results are achieved when diet, exercise & kegel exercise are used in combination with surgical and nonsurgical modalities to treat the changes which have occurred during the pregnancies. Still after trying all the lifestyle modification, some body parts fail to return to pre-pregnancy and then Mommy Makeover is the saviour in which entire body is rejuvenated so as to get the youthful and natural look back.

Mommy makeover refers to a set of cosmetic surgical procedures that help a woman regain her pre-pregnancy body shape. You can select from a variety of procedures, and can customise the package as per your need. The procedures may include breast augmentation, reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, pregnancy stretch mark removal, vaginal tightening, G spot/ O shot, labiaplasty, and Brazilian butt lift,

 It is absolutely safe to combine procedures in mommy makeover as it is a set of cosmetic surgery and provide satisfying results of rejuvenated figure only on combining. There is no adverse effect on woman’s health, if her all investigations are normal. Howsoever, it is on patient’s comfort that if she wants to opt for interval procedure then some procedures can be done at an interval.

 You need to discuss about your problem areas with your plastic surgeon & cosmetic gynaecologist and after complete examination, medical photographs and measurements they will suggest you the best possible options available for you. You can discuss openly about your intimacy requirements during your consultation as Vaginal rejuvenation is an important part of our Mommy make over.

The ideal candidate is the one who has tried all the measures to control her weight and burn the belly fat but still struggles to achieve her pre pregnancy body back. The woman who is finding difficulty in intercourse and embarrassing about the physical appearance of her tummy, stretch marks & breast may opt for this procedure, provided all pre-operative investigations are normal.

You need to get your basic routine investigations as advised by your consultant, stop smoking 1 month prior to procedure and stop taking aspirin- based medication 6 weeks prior to procedure as they may cause increased bleeding.

You can get rid of the stretch marks of the area only which is treated like tummy stretch marks, c- section scar can be completely removed with tummy tuck and simultaneously breast or buttocks stretch marks can be removed if that area is targeted for treatment.

Tummy tuck gives the best results in one sitting only for removal of stretch marks, belly pouch, muscle divarication and C- section scar; but it is a surgical modality whereas CO2 laser is non -invasive modality and does not completely remove stretch marks, it only fades them away. Also, you cannot get rid of belly pouch, excess fat, C- section scar and muscle divarication with laser.

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