Life Style Expert - Dr Bharti Soni

Dr. BHARTI SONI BHMS from Swasthya Kalyaan Medical College, Jaipur

Dr.Bharti Soni, born in the city of Kota, has obtained her degree of BHMS from Swasthya Kalyaan Medical College, Jaipur. She has completed specialisation of lifestyle management from there. She is an important member of our team as lifestyle management is the cornerstone of PCOS management. She is full of positivity and take care of each and every patient with full enthusiasm. She studies the case thoroughly and interact with each and every patient personally so can know about their mental barriers. She helps each patient of PCOS by studying their current lifestyle and creating personal diet chart and make them to follow customized exercise regime. She has unique quality that she reduces the burden of achieving big goal by distributing it into short term goals and track them on weekly basis. As PCOS brings body shaming, negative self-esteem and anxiety with it, she calms down patient through her positive counselling. She organizes reinforcement classes and lifestyle management seminar regularly so as to keep our patients updated and keep their motivation level high.