PCOS hugely impacts the women’s reproductive career and it’s one of the primary causes of anovulatory infertility. The prevalence of PCOS is 40% in women with infertility, which is very high for a particular disorder. Together with menstrual irregularities, hyperandrogenic manifestations, Infertility is one of the prime cause of concern and may be the presenting complaint.

PCOS causes anovulatory infertility and insulin resistance, raised AMH  and hyperandrogenism are the pathogenesis behind infertility associated with PCOS.

Remember PCOS is not a disease, only a disorder. On the bright side, statistically 20% of women, who have polycystic ovaries, may not have problems in ovulating or conceiving. Also with help of ovulation medication nearly 60-70% women will achieve ovulation and 40% of them will conceive over the first 3 attempts.