Hymenoplasty Surgery in Jaipur

The temporary surgical repair of the hymen is known as hymen reconstruction surgery or hymenoplasty. The best hymenoplasty surgery in Jaipur is provided by Dr. Shraddha Goel PCOSmetic Gyne Clinic.

What is Hymen?

Hymen is a thin mucosal membrane which guards the vaginal opening and is often ruptured during first intercourse. Though, in athletes or sports women, it may be ruptured due to vigorous exercise, gymnastics, horseback riding and same with other women too.It may be ruptured by the use of tampons or menstrual cups. Very rarely, hymen may be congenitally absent too.

In some societies, bleeding caused during first intercourse through the rupture of hymen is still thought as a sign of virginity. While, rising incidence of premarital sex but restoration of virginity during marriage; due to societal pressure has been cause of sharp rise in the demand of surgery of Hymenorrhaphy or Hymenoplasty. The intention is to cause bleeding when the membrane tears during intercourse. In many situations, this procedure is performed on women from cultures that place a high value on a woman’s virginity before the marriage. For women nowadays, the desire to experience “virginity” again can be appealing for some non-virginal women—whether facing societal pressure to erase their sexual history, as a form of closure after a sexual assault or simply wanting to relive the experience of being “intact” again

What is the surgical technique of Hymenoplasty or Hymenorrhaphy?

Hymenoplasty is the reconstruction of the broken hymen. So, it can be called Virginity Restoration surgery or Revirginization. It requires very fine skills as the pseudo hymenal membrane has to be reconstructed with almost invisible remnants of broken hymen or non hymenal soft tissue without any scarring. The surgery is performed in 2 layers in order to reconstruct firmly and durably the hymen, so as to mimic the natural hymen.The surgery has to be done with very fine suture material which gets absorbed by itself within 15-20 days. Healing takes about one month. Within 1-2 months no scarring will be seen even. Hymen is formed strong enough to endure daily activities and weak enough to allow penetrative sex.
The operation usually lasts for 30 minutes and it can be performed in local or short general anesthesia as per patient convenience. We prefer short general anesthesia so as to ensure proper relaxation of vaginal musculature and complete pain relief to patients.
It is the second most common cosmetic surgery of Vaginal rejuvenation after vaginal tightening. Dr.Shraddha Goel PCOSmetic Gyne Clinic provides the Best hymenoplasty surgery in Jaipur. You may get in touch with us regarding this.

Procedure of Hymenoplasty treatment

Under local or general anesthesia, gynecologists typically perform hymen repair surgery. The ripped tags are put back together to restore the hymen. After the hymen repair procedure, self-dissolvable sutures are used to fix the torn tags. These sutures dissolve in 15 to 20 days. It is essential to practice good cleanliness, keep the area tidy, and use the ointment exactly as directed by the physician. Three procedures are used in the hymen surgery:

Stitching of hymen

Hymen surgery often involves suturing the split hymens back together; the stitches disintegrate 15 to 20 days after the procedure. It is suggested that the patient sees the physician to have the sutures taken out.

The patient can leave for home after the hymen surgery is finished, and the restoration process typically takes 30 to 40 minutes. The patient can heal completely in a few of weeks.

Reconstruction of the Hymen

Even in cases when there is not enough tissue available, living tissues that have been taken from the body can be used to repair the hymen. The patient is discharged home after the surgery and is treated as an outpatient. Within three days of the full restoration, the patient can resume their regular life. It is advised to refrain from having sexual relations for at least three months. It will resemble a typical hymen after full healing, with bleeding and uncomfortable tearing sensations.

Alloplant Method

If there are no tissues left in the body, artificial methods can be utilized to rebuild the hymen. Chemically treated biomaterials known as alloplants are frequently utilized in transplant procedures.

Before Procedure

➡️ You may need one surgical consultation prior to surgery for examination of the defect.
➡️ Stop smoking 1 month before and stop taking aspirin based medication 10 days prior to surgery
➡️ Signing Informed consent and medical photographs may be taken by your cosmetic gynecologist to compare before and after pics.
➡️ Complete medical confidentiality is the hospital priority and no one can access your file and documents besides you.

Post Surgery Care

You can move once anesthesia waves off.You need to stop working for 48 hours, preferably do rest except for routine activities. There is no dressing at the site.You need to maintain just personal hygiene as advised. The result is almost achieved instantly as the hymen is closed.The complete healing takes 15 days to 1 month.

You need to avoid strenuous exercise, cycling or intercourse for 4 weeks post surgery, so as to ensure proper healing or till the objective of hymenoplasty is achieved.

Purpose of Procedure

Main purpose of the procedure of hymenoplasty is to restore virginity and purity once again prior to marriage. It gives tremendous psychological relief to such patients who may face honor killing if they don’t prove their chastity in the form of first night bed sheet spotting. This newly reconstructed hymen will rupture on penetration and will cause bleeding, just like natural hymen, the most common query for the patients who opt for it.

Recovery from Hymenoplasty Surgery

Under general anesthesia, the hymen repair surgery process typically lasts between 15 and 60 minutes. Following surgery, there may be some bleeding for eight to seventy-two hours. After the hymen repair procedure, full recovery usually takes six weeks. After the next one to two days, all regular daily activities can resume as it is a minor procedure. There is no discomfort involved with this totally safe procedure. There won’t be any indications that surgery was done because the rebuilt hymen is identical to the natural hymen. It typically takes 1-2 months following surgery for the scars to become undetectable and the stitches to fully dissolve.

Cost of Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic gynecological surgery of very fine tissue of hymen. The procedure needs very fine skills as hymen has to be reformed with remnants of hymen and surgery is customized as per the patient’ defect. Some may require just hymen repair while others may require vaginal tightening too; if laxity is there in vaginal musculature to rejuvenate the vagina close to natural look and feel. This brings varied costs for each patient as per their requirement. To know the exact cost or book hymenoplasty surgery in Jaipur, you need to email the appointment form or call at our front office.

Your confidentiality & privacy

We offer the best cosmetic gynecological services in Jaipur in well- experienced hands. We provide one of the Best services of hymenoplasty surgery in Jaipur. We take pride in keeping the confidentiality of patients while performing such procedures. No-one can access your documents and files besides you. But, one responsible person should accompany her to provide the consent for surgery.

Benefits of Hymenoplasty Surgery in Jaipur

Having a hymenoplasty procedure involves more than just fixing the ripped hymen. But, as required by Indian culture, revisions can be made before to the wedding. Rape victims may experience psychological or emotional relief, particularly from this procedure. The surgical reconstruction of the hymen, known as hymenoplasty, has a number of potential advantages, such as:

  • Hymen Restoration: For social, cultural, or personal reasons, it may be necessary to fix the hymen.
  • Increased Confidence: Some people report feeling less nervous about intimate matters and more positive about themselves after undergoing hymenoplasty.
  • Confidentiality and privacy: People can make their decision in private because the procedure is carried out in secret.
  • Personal Choice: Individuals who have hymenoplasty are empowered to make choices about their bodies and lifestyles.
  • Mental Health: It might provide some individuals with a sense of calm and aid in their mental health.
  • Tailored Outcomes: Surgeons can adapt the procedure to each patient’s requirements and objectives.
  • Social and cultural factors: It may align with societal or cultural conceptions of what it means to be a virgin.

To determine whether Hymenoplasty is the best option for you, discuss your specific desires and objectives with an experienced therapist.

Is a Hymenoplasty Surgery Needed?

Extreme precision is required for the cosmetic operation of hymenoplasty in Jaipur. The damaged portion(s) of the hymen (often the top layer of cells) are removed. The remaining edges are sewn together once the injured cells have been removed. By doing this, a replica of the original hymenal star-shaped structural “hymenal ring” is created.

Girls’ hymen membranes can be restored using a proper hymen reconstruction procedure, commonly known as hymenorrhaphy. A complete hymen is often regarded as a symbol of a virgin state, and young girls typically seek this procedure prior to marriage.

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