G shot/ O shot Ampilification

G shot and O shot Amplification are Non surgical procedures of Vaginal Rejuvenation.
Non-surgical methods for vaginal rejuvenation are quickly gaining in popularity because of non-invasiveness and increased awareness of sexual health in women.
G shot and O shot are designed to enhance women’s sexual experiences and may help women regain confidence. G shot and O shot are very commonly heard terms nowadays for Vaginal rejuvenation but these are different. Understanding the difference between the two may help patients better select the right choice for their health.

What is an O- shot in Cosmetic Gynecology?

O shot is an abbreviation that stands for “ Orgasm Shot”. The patient is injected with her own platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, into the clitoris directly and inside the vaginal wall areas. PRP is useful for increasing blood flow and stimulating cell growth in the vaginal area through stem cells An O-shot is designed to stimulate blood flow into the clitoris and vaginal wall areas, to increase sexual sensitivity.



This is a simple procedure where a patient’s blood sample is withdrawn and centrifuged to produce platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP is then injected into the clitoris and upper vagina after the injection site is numbed.The entire procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

Expected O shot results
➡️More natural lubrication
➡️ Increased sensation & orgasm
➡️ Youthful appearance of vulva
➡️ Improvement of urinary incontinence

Complications Post O shot

These are very minor in form of swelling or numbness at the injection site, which relieves with cold fomentation.Mostly patients do not report any side effects.

What is G-Shot in Cosmetic Gynecology?

A G-spot injection is designed to enhance sexual pleasure by increasing vaginal sensitivity in the Grafenberg Spot—also known as the “G-Spot.” G spot is a sensitive area of the anterior vaginal wall that may be stimulated during sexual activity.
The patient is injected with a hyaluronic acid-based injection into the G-spot, which is thought to intensify sexual feeling and gratification in women during sex.
Hyaluronic acid is thought to increase sensitivity of the area, hence is performed for women who have difficulty in achieving orgasm.

Expected G shot Results

Results vary from patient to patient. Typically, increased sensations are perceived for three to four months and then repeat G shots need to be administered.

Complications Post Procedure

These are minor and same like O shot swelling and numbness. They may last for a week. You may need to rest for a few hours a day and then can resume your activities.

How to choose which shot is Right for you?

Women who struggle with lubrication or vaginal dryness & sensation may prefer O shot, as new cell growth is stimulated with it while women who struggle with orgasm mainly may prefer G shot.

Both shots are related to enhance sexual health, but their limitation is they last for a certain time only and may need to be repeated. Moreover, these shots will not treat low sex drive and pscychosexual dysfunctions.
Hence, you need to select your cosmetic gynecologist very carefully who may evaluate your problem rightly and then provide you with the correct choice of treatment.

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