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Frequently Asked Questions

Cause of PCOS is not yet known. It is still a matter of research. Environmental, genetic factors and sedentary lifestyle has a significant role in causing PCOS. Elevated levels of androgen and insulin resistance play a key role in the pathogenesis of PCOS.
Irregular menses in form of absent menses, infrequent menses, scanty menses or heavy menses is the earliest symptom of PCOS. Acne, excess facial hair and obesity are other symptoms which raises alarm for PCOS. Difficulty in conception, recurrent pregnancy loss are other features of undiagnosed PCOS. Long term health related problems are diabetes type 2, cardiovascular disease and uterine cancer.
Acne, weight gain and substantial facial hair are normal pubertal physiological changes. These overlap with signs and symptoms of PCOS. So, diagnosis of PCOS in adolescence is challenging. Hence, you need systemic examination by Gyne-endocrinologist for accurate and early diagnosis.
‘Genetics’ and ‘Environmental factors’ leads to polycystic ovaries which contribute to hormonal disturbance in form of elevated androgen and insulin resistance. These two factors of genetics and unhealthy lifestyle leads to obesity which further exacerbates hormonal changes. Thus, vicious cycle between hormone disturbance and obesity continues in a PCOS patient which is not so with normal patient.
Insulin resistance is a condition in which the body’s cells do not respond to the effects of insulin. When the body does not respond to insulin, the level of glucose in the blood increases. This may cause more insulin to be produced as the body tries to move glucose into cells. Insulin resistance can lead to obesity, diabetes mellitus and increased cardiovascular risk. High levels of insulin leads to anovulation, menstrual disturbances and subfertility and hence, depression & anxiety. It also is associated with acanthosis nigricans, i.e; multiple dark coloured velvety patches on the skin.
When higher than normal levels of androgens are produced, the ovaries may be prevented from releasing an egg each month (a process called ovulation) and as a result, inability to conceive. High androgen levels also cause the unwanted hair growth and acne seen in many women with PCOS and leads to psychosocial issues with negative self-esteem for body image, depression and anxiety.
Dr.Shraddha’s PCOS Clinic is one stop clinic dedicated for the treatment of all symptoms of PCOS patient under one roof only. PCOS affect the entire lifespan of a woman starting from her menarche, through her reproductive phase to menopause. Our Clinic provides holistic management for every patient of PCOS throughout her entire lifespan, at one stop only. Our services include PCOS Clinic, Infertility, Endoscopy Services, Cosmetic Clinic, Obstetrics services, Lifestyle Management and at last but not least Menopause Clinic.

We follow multidisciplinary approach which is individualized for every patient as per her symptoms. First challenge is to make the accurate and early diagnosis, which is carried out by none other, then Dr. Shraddha Goel, Reproductive Endocrinologist & Director of PCOS Clinic. She studies the entire case and takes care of her reproductive symptoms. Awareness classes are organised by Lifestyle expert, Dr. Bharti Soni, here to follow healthy lifestyle to curtail the effects of hormonal disturbances. Cosmetic symptoms are handled by Dr.Sourabh Rawat, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon, known in the city for his specific body contouring techniques. Long term health related issues & psychosocial issues are taken care of by Dr.Suresh Rawat, Physician & Endocrinologist, with roaring practice in city. Dr.Kanika Jain, Physiotherapist provides array of exercise in form of aerobics & yoga to benefit each patient of PCOS.

Hymen is a very thin membrane which guards the opening of vagina and is usually torn during first intercourse (penetration) or due to vigorous exercise in athletes. It then remains as hymenal tags /remniscents in vagina; throughout the life. Hymenoplasty is a micro-surgical technique of re-forming the hymen by suturing the hymenal tags with very fine suture. Idea behind performing this technique is to cause bleeding after intercourse, in wedlock.

Precision to locate actual hymenal tags, Expertise in micro-cosmetic surgery are key factors associated with success rate of such surgeries.

Least possible time-interval to perform hymenoplasty is at-least three months prior to the marriage so that complete healing can occur and natural looking hymen can be obtained. Rest it can be done at any time provided no repeated intercourse is desired; prior to marriage.

Precautions required post-surgery are to avoid strenuous exercise and cycling for one month to allow for proper healing of sutures. And off-course surgery should only be performed, when no further intercourse is desired, prior to marriage.

Child-birth and hormone depletion with ageing leads to vaginal laxity and loosening of pelvic floor musculature; hence decreased pleasure to both the partners. Vaginal Rejuvenation is very routinely performed procedure through laser or surgery and aim is tightening of the vagina and pelvic-floor muscles to re-gain the youthful grip of vaginal musculature. Aim of Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery is to restore positive intimacy between both the partners.

Breast-Cosmesis is to provide appropriate shape and contour to breast as per the one’s personality. This surgery includes breast implants, breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lifting (Mastopexy).Through this surgery, as per your aesthetic requirements you can get rid-off too small/too large breasts and tighten/lift them up if they are too loose or sagging. Breast- Cosmesis is to individualize the cosmetic requirement of breast as per one’s personal aesthetic needs.

We take pride in keeping the confidentiality of patient while performing the Cosmetic-gynecology procedures. But, one responsible person should accompany her to provide the consent for surgery and take the responsibility of patient while the surgery is performed.