Bikini Laser Hair Removal in Jaipur

Pubic hair has been always annoying for females since generations. Though this is the first sign of puberty achieved in females under the influence of estrogen.

Various methods like hair removing creams, gels,wax, razors, trimmers had been deployed to get rid of this everlasting creature but it has deaf ear to them. All credit to your hormones!! Moreover, sensitive skin of an intimate area always has to bear risk of blistering, redness, infection,pain and ingrown hairs due to multiple self inflicted treatments on it, to get rid of pubic hair.
Moreover the chemicals used in such creams or wax are never safety approved for cancer, or other infections

Thanks to technology and modern science, this blot in intimate area cosmesis can be permanently removed or atleast get reduced to the great extent and you can enjoy your intimate moments.

Feel your best in your Bikini With Our Bikini Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Wearing a swimsuit has always been worrisome for women without waxing bikini hairs but it is easy now to boost your confidence, due to advanced technology. Bikini Laser Hair removal in Jaipur is a commonly performed procedure at our center in which hair from sides of pubic area and from pubic bone (mons ) are removed while Brazilian Laser hair removal involves complete pubic hair removal with laser. 

Mode- Diode Laser

Sittings-5-6 sittings to greatly reduce the amount, vary depending upon the area.

Efficacy- Laser hair removal is highly efficacious on lips,chin, armpit and bikini.

Mechanism of action– Laser waves target hair follicle embedded in skin due to melanin pigmentation, hence roots get damaged with laser treatment.

Pain – Needle like sensation, but much less than waxing.

Pre laser Preparation- Stop waxing/ plucking 6 weeks prior to your sitting, so we may have entire roots which may be targeted by laser. You can shave with a razor 24 hour prior to your sitting.

To plan Next sitting- Usually after 1 to 1.5 month, when complete growth recur.

Post Laser Care- Mild burning sensation may occur post laser but applying ice pack, aloe vera gel can soothe it. Antibiotics may be prescribed if needed by your doctor. Avoid exposure to the sun, swimming pool or steam bath for a week post procedure.

Cost- Much less than the beauty and confidence gained. Usually less than the amount you would spend a lifetime in waxing and much fuss.

Maintenance Sitting- Since Laser reduces the amount of pubic hair upto 80-90%, which may vary for each individual. Maintenance sitting may be required once 6 monthly or yearly to have completely smooth skin.

Safety- Diode Laser is US FDA approved, hence completely safe. Moreover, you can get rid of folliculitis or complaints of ingrown hair,too with laser hair removal.

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