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Are You losing confidence, or suffering body shaming post delivery?

Pregnancy may result in important changes in a woman’s body. These modifications usually are detectable in the abdomen region such as sagging skin, vulnerable muscle tissues, scars, vaginal laxity, physical stress of having a baby and also loss in breast fullness. During pregnancy, the stomach skin is stretched and sagged due to growth and development of the baby. A lot of women are usually worried to regain their pre-pregnancy figure quickly following delivery.

The reason why tummy tuck

The majority of females aren’t happy with their post-pregnancy body since they are trying to resolve their issue with a workout regimen and also a nutritious diet, however it won’t fix. These problems could be resolved as well as recover a woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy using tummy tuck. It’s more frequently referred as an abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery process which removes loose skin, stretch marks, cesarean scar as well as excess fat from the lower abdomen and also strengthens the abdominal muscle tissue for improved tone, contour as well as function of the abdomen.

Doctor’s suggestion

Before obtaining the tummy tuck treatment, it is far better to talk to your plastic surgeon who is specialized in the tummy tuck procedure. She’ll examine you personally and assess the amount of body fat within your abdomen and also the condition of your stomach muscles. Through discussion, you need to talk about your medical history such as pregnancy, health problems, medicine allergies, previous surgical procedures as well as medications that you are consuming presently. According to these factors the surgeon will probably decide which  method is befitting to your condition and also talk about how the tummy tuck may help you.

Tummy tuck after pregnancy

The surgeon will certainly suggest the patient to hold back for two years following delivery as to allow during this period your skin to tighten up by itself as well as the uterus shrink to the regular size. Abdominoplasty is the surgical treatment for the tummy to get rid of the additional deposited fats and skin which will build up after pregnancy, obesity and also with age. The waist line is repositioned and also helps you to tighten your abdominal muscles to develop a toned, smoother as well as firm abdominal profile. Therefore a lot of women will certainly select tummy tuck after pregnancy to restore the fragile muscle tissues and enhance the appearance of your waistline and tummy.

Usually the abdominoplasty is combined with other surgeries like liposuction treatment, cesarean scar removal, pregnancy stretch mark removal , vaginal rejuvenation, breast lift, and breast reduction. This is known as “mommy makeover“, a fantastic package for ladies who can customize it after birth of children, as per their aesthetic requirements. This is for those who want to regain their pre-pregnancy body. The complete tummy tuck method requires 1-5 hours and also the mini procedure takes 1-2 hrs. Based on the case, you will have to remain overnight in the hospital. After surgical treatment it is important to adhere to your surgeon’s instructions on workout, diet and day-to-day activity.

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