Hymen is a very thin membrane which guards the opening of vagina and is usually torn during first intercourse (penetration) or due to vigorous exercise in athletes. It then remains as hymenal tags /remniscents in vagina; throughout the life. Hymenoplasty is a micro-surgical technique of re-forming the hymen by suturing the hymenal tags with very fine suture. Idea behind performing this technique is to cause bleeding after intercourse, in wedlock.

Precision to locate actual hymenal tags, Expertise in micro-cosmetic surgery are key factors associated with success rate of such surgeries. Least possible time-interval to perform hymenoplasty is at-least three months prior to the marriage so that complete healing can occur and natural looking hymen can be obtained. Rest it can be done at any time provided no repeated intercourse is desired; prior to marriage. Precautions required post-surgery are to avoid strenuous exercise and cycling for one month to allow for proper healing of sutures. And off-course surgery should only be performed, when no further intercourse is desired, prior to marriage.


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