Cosmetic Gynecology

A woman is an extraordinary and beautiful creation of nature and it is natural that she would want to see herself as perfect and complete. And, staying sexually attractive is one of the major factors that motivate a women to seek the benefits of Cosmetic  Gynecology. Cosmetic Gynecology or ‘Intimate Aesthetic Surgery’ covers procedures which alter the appearance of female external genitalia and make it seem more natural and youthful. These methods aid in correcting congenital defects, enhances the Self confidence of a women, and positively affects the intimacy she shares with her Partner.

With age and life events like childbirth, the vagina and labia often change in appearance and structure, which not only hampers the feeling of self-worth in a woman, but also prevents her from enjoying sexual activities completely and Cosmetic Gynaecology emerges as the savior in such situations. 

We routinely perform such procedures, which help you to have the fairer sex and restore your Intimacy with your soulmate!!

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Rediscover The Beauty Of your Body:

Vaginal Rejuvenation
With the help of laser technique, this process helps in tightening the internal diameter of the vagina, when it gets stretched during birth or owing to genetic factors.
Through this method, the contours of the labia majora or labia minora are changed. It may cover reconstruction, augmentation or reduction.
It is done to create a pseudo hymenal membrane from hymenal tissue, which already exists or nonhymenal soft tissue. The intention is to cause bleeding when the membrane tears during intercourse.
This procedure deals with the surgical transformation of the clitoris, which caters to conditions involving increased tissue volume. It can also aid in creating clitoris in transgender women.
Clitoral Hood Reduction
The method is focused on the loose skin around the clitoris, and can be conducted during labiaplasty or as a separate procedure.
The contours of the Mons pubis can be changed through this process. It involves liposuction for the reduction of excess fat, subcutaneous fat, as well as skin. Often, techniques like laser and ultrasound are used during monsplasty.


Repairing and restoration of the loose, ageing or injured perineum is taken care of through this method. Perineum is the area between the vagina opening and the rectum. And this procedure is usually helpful for women who don’t heal efficiently after a vaginal delivery or experience scars. So if you are worried about the structure or appearance of your intimate area, don’t fret.
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